Welcome to my website. My name is Purak and on the 15th of June 2015, I started a trip which I hope will enable me to see a decent amount of this beautiful planet we call Earth over the coming years. I aim to do this trip using my bicycle as much as I can. Where it is not possible to cycle, I will use a combination of trains, coaches or ferries, but I really do not want to fly off the ground.


So, how about you join me on this adventure, and either look through the website (which is still under construction and will be further developed over the coming months), or find out where I am, where I am heading and come and join me. I promise this will be a real adventure and this journey will enable me/us to meet amazing people from all walks of life, experience the wonders of our planet by way of natural beauty or man made phenomenas, bond and interract with the wildlife, eat incredible food and anything else that nourishes our soul and brings one closer to spirit of the Universe.


I'll try to post useful tips for others wishing to undertake an adventure of their own, write regular blogs to share my experiences, upload photos and videos as well as give you all the chance to share your thoughts and ideas with me.



Hello Beautiful World


So, my dear friends, family, fans and those who I do not have the pleasure of knowing yet. Soon, when this website is completed, you will learn about my little adventure, which is planned to start end of May 2015.


This little adventure will start in my current home town of Göttingen, Germany, and consist of cycling first to Chemnitz, before heading south to Greece, then East towards New Zealand, before having to cross the Lower Pacific Ocean to South America, with a brief visit to Easter Island.


All in all, the journey should be approximately 40,000 kilometers and crossing over wonderful countries.


Here you will (eventually) be able to see, where I have been, where I am now, and see and read about what I’ve experienced along the way.


I welcome all comments, suggestions, questions or random banter from you all.








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